Soda Taxes - new research

A great summary of a new study published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine is available on  This is a great website to stay abreast of the food industry, by the way.

The study found that a tax on sugar sweetened beverages (SSBs) could significantly reduce the intake of daily and annual calories of the average person, as well as increase the revenue (as in billions of dollars of revenue) for the governments who leverage them.  This tacks on to previous research with similar findings. 

And when I say "small impact" of a tax, I mean approximately $28/year in taxes to those who buy SSB's, about 7 calories/person per day...for approximately 0.5-1.5 pounds lost/year for the average person (depending on percent tax).  That sounds infinitesimal, but even just a few pounds lost a year for those who are majorly overweight or obese is a big step, right?

But is it worth the hassle of fighting against PepsiCo and Coca-Cola to bring a soda tax about?  And is making junk food more expensive and less accessible a better tactic than making healthy foods cheaper and easier to purchase?